• Homeschooling Privileges

    The students in the Homeschooling program, get to use the methods they have learned and the projects they apply.

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  • Dual Diploma Chance

    Students participating in the UK Homeschool program receive a British Highschool Diploma additional to their national diploma of the country they reside in, by completing the required courses of the British curriculum.

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  • The Right to Apply Without an Exam

    UK Homeschool allows students who successfully complete the program to apply to universities abroad without the need of an entrance exam.

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Based on the agreement between the UK Homeschool and International Independent School Authority (IISA), our students will qualify to receive open education/distant training High school diploma alongside National diploma by completing different courses in the UK curricula.

This education programme is a privileged offer to our students. The students enrolled in the UK Homeschool, have the opportunity to carry on the projects they have applied and the different methods they have learned in every area of their lives and they gain the right to apply to distinguished universities of the world without exam with the diploma they have acquired.

The UK Homeschool is a unique opportunity for our students, enabling them to continue lifelong learning.